September 10 2010

Now many of You know all about Me Furst Mate HOOK,
that bumbling buffoon that always seems to be doing His
best to trip me up. Well last week He came into The Surgery and
proudly announced that He was striking out on his own, a bit
haughtily I might add ... Thinking that I would be upset, remorseful
and beg Him to stay on as a member of My Crew.

"Huh!" I says to meself, secretly over the moon that I might
finally be seeing the last of This Rascal. So .... Off He goes!

A couple of days later He gets His first job! He comes into
The Surgery all excited "SharkDoc! A car has driven off the
dock! I need to borrow The Shark Crane!"

"Huh!"  I says to meself. I can only imagine how THIS is
going to turn out!

I'll let the photos below tell The Story.

"Huh!"  I says to meself. Just As I thought !

Needless to say that Red Devil is once again out the
back in His Cave, licking His Wounds. What will He
dream up next ?!?

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